Craig Manning (craig_manic) wrote in xdegrassi__rp,
Craig Manning

Mr. Goodbyes do I even start this? Beat around the bush and stall? But for what? I'll make it short and concise:

After 6+ months in this rpg, I've decided to part ways. I've been doing a crappy job as mod anyways and there are others who'd like to take the reins. Think of it a new king/queen/dictator! Haha...I only insert humor to ease the sadness. Because yeah, this rpg does mean a lot to me. I joined this back in November as JT, my first RP ever! Through this, I was introduced to a great world of writing, roleplaying, chats, IMs and mostly importantly great friends. I've grown close to many and I know I will see them elsewhere.

All in all, this is my farewell. I hope you guys have a great rp after my departure, new blood will do it well! Don't worry, there's talk about backups already. So yes, Craig and Sean are back up for grabs! Bye!

(I lied, this was a little long)

Your soon-to-be-former-mod,
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