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1. Read all the rules before applying. Do not simply scan them. They are here for a reason and that is a good reason.

2. You must be able to spell correctly and use grammar where needed. Posts that include “OMG!!!11 hE’z lyKe soOOoOo HawTT!!!11” will not be tolerated. It is not our job to "school" you on the basics of grammar and writing. We expect skilled RPers to come to this RPG.

3. Journal updates must be made at least once every seven days. They need to consist of more than one sentence and include substance, relating to a storyline or character(s). If you are not active for more than seven days, you will be warned. If this is an ongoing problem, you will be removed from the RPG. If there is any reason you can't update for a certain amount of time, (due to excessive amounts of schoolwork, wicked parents, illness....etc) please notify the moderators so we know.

4. To speak “out of character”, please use parentheses or brackets to indicate that it is you, the player and not the character that is speaking as well as the abbreviation “OOC” (Out of character). (OOC: Example). If you'd like to write something and not have the intended person read it, use strikeouts. Example: Craig was being an idiot today. I can't believe it!

5. Characters will also communicate and role-play through AIM. An AIM screen name for your character is needed. After we have RP in chatrooms, a person is responsible for logging the chats into our logging community, xdegrassi_chats. In the event that you are not able to make chats, please read the entries from this community to catch up.

6. The journal you use for this RPG may not be used for any other RPG. That tends to lead to confusion so we ask that you reserve your journal for just this RPG.

7. Stay consistent with your characters and other storylines. JT is usually a comedic character; he isn’t the drama queen. Emma will not suddenly become a prostitute at the drop of a hat; Craig will not throw down his guitar and join the circus for no reason. We appreciate a nice buildup of storylines and foreshadowing. Do not be overly dramatic and steal the spotlight. We will not have fifteen pregnancies, drug addictions and eating disorders at the same time.

8. Along the same lines, do not kill characters off. Racism, sexism, badgering other players, homophobia and other obscenities will not be tolerated.

9. If you have any ideas or plots involving other characters, please inform them to gain their permission. Don't force storylines onto other people. That's just rude.

10. As for now, this RPG is IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER. We were going by episodes until the season ended in Canada. If you have NOT seen "Going Down the Road Parts 1 and 2," which is the TRUE season finale of Season 4, you need to download them from a file sharing program like Soulseek.

11. Lastly, the moderators have the right to remove you if you are not cutting it as your character, if you are problematic, or if you are not cooperative.

If you have carefully read the rules and are still considering participating, please fill out the application below and leave it in any entry in the community journal. We look forward to role-playing with you. : ) Seriously, let's all have some FUN!


Roleplayer’s name:
Time Zone:
Desired Character:
Intended LJ for Desired Character:
Intended AIM for Desired Character:
Second Desired Character (in case the first is taken):
Do you already have an entry up?:
Personal LJ (if applicable):
Personal AIM:

Please note that although some positions may be filled, we may offer another role to you if we are thoroughly impressed with your application. Also, some roles are held by members who roleplay as others; they may be willing to give up that character so do not hesitate to apply as taken characters.

Alex- rolexi | ROLEXXXI
Ashley Kerwin- ashleys_ashes | U Th1Nk U NO M3
Craig Manning- guitargod_craig | Guitar God Craig
Emma Nelson- emma_fem | saveourearthx
Ellie Nash- forgotten_ell | forgotten ell
Jay Hogart- wastingtime69 | jayiscoolerthanu
Matt Oleander- matt_oleander | Mister Ohhh
Paige Michalchuk- paiges_page | PerfectlyPaige
Spinner Mason- its_spinner_yo | studspin

Manny Santos--
Sean Cameron--
Marco Del Rossi--
Jimmy Brooks--
JT Yorke--
Hazel Aden--
Dylan Michalchuk--
Toby Isaacs--
Liberty van Zandt--
Danny van Zandt--

These following characters are unneccessary to the actual storylines but if you'd like to spread your creative wings and create one for them, do as you please (after being accepted, of course):
Heather Sinclaire--
Kendra Mason--
Chester Hosoda--
Nadia Jamir--
Chris Sharpe--
Heather Sinclaire--